Jatra Board Game


Jatra, was inspired by the Nepali festival, Gai Jatra (Procession of cows). Legend has it that the King Pratap Malla lost one of his sons and the queen went into a long mourning period. The King organized a Gai Jatra festival to have families participate if they had lost someone in the family. Laughter, colorful clothing and merriment were encouraged during the parade which ultimately led to the queen's laughter.

The objective of the game is to make the queen laugh. Silly stories, funny noises, and pretentious acting are encouraged during the game. 

Playing Jatra can help kids learn social skills and communication skills, build creativity and imagination, and boost their confidence.

Rs 1500

The game can be purchased at the following locations

Alchi.co | Pulchowk | 9818662113 | IN | Website
The Local Project | Le Sherpa, Maharajgunj | 9808110115 | IN
Karma Coffee | Jhamsikhel, Boudha | IN
Wisdom Book Store | Bhanimandal | IN
Pilgrims Book Store | Jhamsikhel, Thamel | IN
Daraz | Website