Alchi is a retail outlet for creative Nepali products developed in Nepal by small business enterprises, especially women. It is a platform to economically empower entrepreneurs by helping them develop quality trendy products by providing them constant customer feedback and expectations.

Why the name "Alchi"? Alchi means lazy in Nepali. Laziness is mostly likely associated with bad character traits, but it is not. Alchi people are most likely to come up with intutive ways to get things done. They know when to relax and use the resources around them to get what they need. It is historically proven that Achi people achieve huge success in their career. For instance, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, Einstein, Newton, and Picasso were extremely lazy people.

The products can be purchased at the following locations

Alchi | Jhamsikhel | 9818662113 | IN
The Local Project | Le Sherpa, Maharajgunj | 9808110115 | IN