Herb Nepal

Koseli Brand


Herb Nepal, for-profit social enterprise, is an innovative organic farm and training centre, that aims to 'create a better world'. Herb Nepal works with small-scale farmers in Nepal to grow organic herbs that will be used to create natural and handmade herbal products. The Kosheli brand will develop a product line consisting of soaps, creams, dried herbs (culinary), room diffusers and massage oils.


Our client, Herb Nepal, wanted to create a product line that emulates the beauty of rural Nepal. A brand that is simple yet contains a bold vision of exporting to the global market. The brand needed to communicate to 'mini changers' and inspire consumers to be active global citizens.


Kazi Studios developed a communication guideline that comprised of a set of patterns and color palettes inspired by the Nepali farmers' attire and their surroundings. The patterns were generated from natural elements like rain, soil, plants, air etc. The composition proposed reflected Nepali landscape and generated versatility in the brand for future product expansions.

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