Mili Juli

Mili Juli Brand


Mili Juli is a high-end sustainable fashion brand, primarily specializing in dress shirts and textiles. The fabric used in their clothing is handspun, handwoven, with raw materials originating in Nepal. The company uses natural dyes on their fabrics with motifs of Nepali themes as patterns on their textile design. Mili Juli was targeting customers who valued ancient or traditional, preindustrial, textiles. 

"Our designs, the cut of our clothing, strive for a kind of transcendental elegance and contemporary coolness that should be able to stand on its own in the modern world regardless of the way the cloth itself is manufactured.  Ridiculously elegant, and a little bit bad ass."


Kazi Studios was inspired by the handwoven fabrics and designed a logo to represent the nature of the business. The icon symbolizes the feel of the thread that runs through the fingers as you see from the top. The band color chosen was derived from the natural dye process used on the clothing of Mili Juli.

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