NMS Agro

Tikhe Mascot


NMS Agro is an agricultural trading company. They import a variety of fertilizers, pesticides, and agriculture-related products from India and market it in Nepal.


NMS Agro was looking for a communication partner to help promote their agricultural products. They were looking to develop a character that farmers from Terai and the Himalayas could relate to. The purpose of the character was to educate the farmers on the use of pesticides and the newer forms of pests emerging in their geographic location.


Kazi Studios chose a buffalo to be the most common denominator representing farmers all over Nepal. The characteristics of the buffalo were a friendly, patient, and well educated in the field of agriculture. We chose social media as the most widely used form of communication for NMS Agro to efficiently get their message across. We've been their digital partner to introduce newer products and send them festival greetings.

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