Nepal Peace Monitoring

Introduction is a COCAP protection and conflict prevention initiative supported by peace brigades international. They work in particular for the protection of Human Rights Defenders through Incident Mapping, Advocacy, Capacity Building and Outreach. runs an online platform that shares information about human rights and security incidents occurring in Nepal, enabling local, national and international organizations to better respond to human rights violations.


Since August 2016, NepalMonitor has extended its platform as part of the Nepal Peace Monitoring Project (PMP). Building on the platform, the PMP focuses on violence and contestation, with a view toward improving our understanding of, and response to, violence and conflict in Nepal. The PMP also provides an instrument to measure progress against Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Targets 16.1 (reduction of all forms of violence and related death rates) and 5.2 (elimination of violence against women) in Nepal. 


Nepal Peace Monitoring Project wanted to provide more precise and accurate information on Nepal, covering a broader range of incidents. Kazi Studios developed to be visually attractive, with interactive data visualizations that could generate precise data to specific regions with tons of customized features. The data drive site could generate reports specifically catered to the user requirements.

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