Empowering Adolescent Girls


The Joint Programme on Empowering Adolescent Girls and Young Women through Education is a joint initiative between UNESCO, UNFPA and UN Women. It applies a collaborative, coordinated and multi-sectoral approach to break the cycle of exclusion and vulnerability, working in and across education, health, youth, skills development and women's economic empowerment. In Nepal, the Joint Programme was implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology with funding from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

The project included supporting out-of-school girls and young women with educational support, such as through functional literacy programmes with integrated Comprehensive Sexuality Education components, and vocational skills training to support entry and retention in the labour market. Through these provisions, vulnerable girls and young women are more able to engage in sustainable and improved livelihoods, as well as employment and income opportunities.


UNESCO was looking to showcase the Joint Programme that was being implemented in five districts of Nepal (Achham, Bajura, Rautahat, Sarlahi, and Sunsari), in coordination with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST), and financial support from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). Kazi Studios came in as a partner showcasing and capturing the work done during the COVID lockdown by interviewing UNESCO-selected candidates over the phone to capture their stories. We advised UNESCO on funneling the participants to 4-5 highlights based on the output and impact. 


The stories were featured in both English and Nepali language, in a booklet, following UNESCO’s ED Sector Visual Identity Guidelines along with smaller videos and animations that were to be disseminated to social media.

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