Save the Children

Shift for our Planet


Save the Children Nepal and WWF Nepal were seeking a creative agency to support 4 youth groups that were implementing campaigns for climate justice in Nepal. They were in search of an innovative model for SHIFT for our planet that aimed to shift the power to young people by supporting them to lead campaigns and advocacy efforts around critical issues that affect them.


Tailoring campaign ideas stemming from the youth groups centered on their geographic location and traditions.


Kazi Studios facilitated customized creative workshops for youth groups, igniting their creativity and enhancing their storytelling abilities. We organized a two-day workshop in Janakpur, Dailekh and Kathmandu to assist participants in recognizing their strengths within their cultural and geographical context. The goal was to leverage these strengths in connecting with their target audience, thereby enhancing engagement and delivering clearer messages in their campaigns.

Following the workshop, the youth gained a clear understanding of their action plan and developed improved strategies for connecting with their audience, fostering greater empathy. Kazi Studios played a pivotal role in refining their ideas and messaging, resulting in enhanced engagement and clearer communication with their target audience.

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