Helen Keller



Suaahara II is a five-year, integrated multisectoral program dedicated to improving the health and nutrition status of women and children who fall within the 1000 days, from conception until the child reaches 24 months of age; the crucial period during which nutritional interventions have optimal impact on child growth and development. 


Helen Keller International was looking for a highly competent creative agency to help tell the Suaahara program’s story through data with the view of highlighting what worked and what didn’t work to inform future multisector nutrition programming. 

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Kazi Studios was chosen to help develop clear and appealing storylines informed by monitoring, evaluation, and research data from the Suaahara I and II programs targeted at non-technical audiences. We worked with the HKI team to craft real stories supported with data to humanize the impact they had over a span of 10 years and the learnings from their experience. 

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