WWF Nepal

Ghost in the Mountains


Ghost in the Mountains is a storybook developed and published for WWF Nepal to help change the paradigm of the people who were killing the snow leopards because they were a nuisance to society.  


The major reason for the human-wildlife conflict with the snow leopard was in retaliation killing rather than poaching. WWF Nepal had been working with the stakeholder trying to solve their problem by building improved corrals and better livestock insurance schemes. 


Kazi Studios together with WWF Nepal wanted to change the perception of the stakeholders of snow leopards as a rare and beautiful animal rather than a nuisance. We designed an interactive storybook reflecting the reason the snow leopards are attacking the livestock, the interventions that can be taken to prevent that from happening. We needed to create a behavioral change in stakeholders using a paradigm shift by raising empathy in children and adults. The storybook contained activities for kids to play in school and learn about the elusive creature. The books were then decimated to Dolpa regions of Nepal

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