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Rockets & Space is a youth-centric initiative of Sunaulo Parivar Nepal and Marie Stopes Nepal. It is meant to offer a youth-friendly platform for discussion, expert information dissemination, service provision and also delivery. The brand-extension promises a non-judgmental, discrete and open platform for interaction in new media that is preferred by youths such as; mobile, social and digital media platforms and also youth-friendly and spaces for open discussions. Rockets & Space does not just address sexual reproductive health, it does so by linking all this to the overall health and aspirations of youths.


Talking about sex and sexual health is a taboo in Nepal. Our challenge was to create behavioral change and have teenagers open up and talk about sex and sexual problems.


Kazi Studios initially designed a mini-campaign "Let me launch my rocket into your space", which later evolved to "Rockets and Space" campaign. We developed characters based on generalized personas of their target audience to channel a two-way communication between MSI and the youth of Nepal. We devised communication strategies for better retention of the collateral handouts and channeled the conversation about sex through phone helplines, social media, and online chat systems. Constant digital coverage and a faster response rate on social media were our priority to engage the youth and keep the conversation going.

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